Manage Your Event

Are you planning an event that requires physical invitations? A wedding, engagement party, Bar Mitzvah, or even a corporate fundraiser? Guestive can help. For a one-time fee per event, add the details of your event to your personalized event page. When you gather addresses for you Address Book, you can choose to share any of these details with your guests, such as:

  • Date and time of the event
  • Suggested hotels
  • Links to gift registries
  • Travel information
  • And more!

No need to share this information through a mass email or make people guess how to find your wedding website. When your guests enter their physical address into your Address Book, they’ll get all the information they need for your event.

RSVP Online

How many times have you sent invitations and your guests don't send the RSVP card back to you?  Guestive makes it easy for people to immediately respond when they open your invitation.  Include a paper with a personalized QR code and URL for your guest to immediately RSVP using their mobile phone.  Your guest will be able to say whether they are coming, if they are bringing anyone, and you can even include food choices.  No more excuses for not getting to the mailbox to send back the RSVP.

Reuse Your Guest List

With your Address Book stored securely on the Cloud with Guestive, feel free to create multiple events.  Choose who from your Address Book you'd like to invite to each event.  Storing contacts in your Address Book for use at any time is completely FREE.